Take away the second man and fall in love [wear a book]

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Into the crystal palace, inside is the light flashing, countless treasure light jumping here, because there are many treasures in the palace,

Xiao Nian wanted to say something more, Qin Yunshou in front of the classroom took a look at this side, and several people immediately shut their mouths and sat upright. Zhu Qingqing and Qin Yunlian opened the book and read it with the others. Xiao Nian felt bored and took out the embroidery shed, on which the peony flowers had been embroidered more than half. As soon as she started, Xiao Nian felt a look staring at her, which made her unable to do it. She moved her seat, and the look moved with it. Zhu Niannian raised his head and found Qin Yunshou looking at himself with a dignified face. ……” Zhu Niannian's hand holding the front froze in the air. For a long time, she put down the embroidery shed and opened the book that Qin Yunshou had given her this morning. Qin Yunshou looked at her with satisfaction and withdrew his eyes. Long bell came, Qin Yunshou closed the book, "class is over." The children in the classroom rushed to the canteen like a swarm of bees. Zhu Qingqing slowly closed the book and wrote a penalty copy. Qing Qing, it's wrong for you to hold the pen like this. Qin Yunlian once again corrected Zhu Qingqing's way of holding the pen and instructed her to write. Zhu Qingqing only touched the brush a few times in the school's interest class, always writing into the way of holding the pen, then Qin Yunlian will remind her to change. Two people sat for a while, Xiao Nian and Zhu Jingxin shouted hungry, Zhu Qingqing let them go to the canteen first. After a while, Zhu Qingqing put away his pen, looked at the handwriting on the paper, nodded with satisfaction, and said to Qin Yun: "Brother Yunlian,glass cream jars, will you go to dinner together?" Although they ate in a small restaurant outside on the first day and had never seen the canteen here, Zhu Qingqing had experienced the grand occasion of grabbing food in the university canteen, so she wanted to wait for fewer people to go. There are dormitories for boarding students in the Academy, and day children can choose to go to well-connected boarders for lunch breaks. As for those who don't take a lunch break, most of them are frolicking in the courtyard, but with Qin Yun guarding them, they don't dare to make too much noise. Me? I haven't been hungry lately. Qin Yun's eyes dodged and he was embarrassed to say. Zhu Qingqing immediately understood that Qin Yunlian wanted to lose weight in this way, although Qin Yunlian should really control his diet now,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but it was time for him to grow up, how could he not eat? "How can we not eat? Come on, let's go to eat!" Zhu Qingqing could not help pulling up Qin Yunlian, but found that she could not pull him at all. Qin Yun, with a red face and a low head, refused to get up anyway. In fact, he has not been to the canteen for a long time, at noon are staying in the classroom, if the eldest brother saw, he lied that he had eaten. At home, his mother spoils him too much and eats very well. If he doesn't eat or eats less, his mother will worry for a long time. He had no choice but to eat less in the college at noon. Moreover, every time he went to the canteen, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, he would be laughed at by a group of people, and over time, he was reluctant to go. Seeing Qin Yunlian's reluctance, Zhu Qingqing had to lower his head and act like a spoiled child: "Brother Yunlian, I don't know the way to the canteen. Will you take me there?" Qin Yunlian raised his head and saw the rose hairpin on Zhu Qingqing's head, and his heart moved. …… OK Through the moon cave door, two people came to the small canteen in the west courtyard. The small canteen is built for the children in the east courtyard, next to the big canteen for the students in the west courtyard. Pushing open the door, Zhu Qingqing saw a group of noisy children, she looked for a long time, but did not see the figure of Xiao Nian. Dong- "" The noise came from the corner and attracted everyone's attention. Zhu Jingxin and Liu Xiangya are fighting! I do not know who shouted, Zhu Qingqing heard the name of Zhu Jingxin, immediately ran over. The author has something to say: Buy and leave, who will win between Xin'er and Xiangya? If you answer correctly, you will get a prize! Chapter 13 When Zhu Qingqing heard Zhu Jingxin and Liu Xiangya fighting, his heart was in his throat. Liu Xiangya is a little silly boy in Shangxianzhai. His family is in the timber business. His temper is not very good, but in the eastern courtyard, there must be him in every fight, but he is obedient to Zhou Ruozhou and surrounds her all day long-just like the small hoodlums around the campus beauty. Liu Xiangya is one year older than Qin Yunlian. He is very strong, like a calf. Zhu Jingxin's body is absolutely no match for him. Zhu Qingqing hurried into the crowd, thinking that if Liu Xiangya hurt Xiner, she would never let him go, but before she entered the middle of the crowd, she saw Zhu Jingxin running out with his head in his arms. Although Zhu Jingxin is not as tall as him and not as strong as him, Zhu Jingxin is vigorous! Zhu Qingqing watched her good brother flexibly through the crowd, let Liu Xiangya behind him waving his fist, Leng is unable to hit him, but also accidentally injured several onlookers of the children. Seeing Zhu Qingqing and Qin Yunlian at a glance, Zhu Jingxin sped up and ran over. Elder sister! Brother Yun Lian! Seeing this, Qin Yunlian took a few steps forward and blocked Zhu Qingqing and Zhu Jingxin behind him. Liu Xiangya ran all the way, did not brake the car, and hit Qin Yunlian. Qin Yunlian remained motionless, while Liu Xiangya fell directly to the ground. Qin Yunlian, get out of the way! Liu Xiangya quickly got up and shouted at Qin Yunlian. Don't let. With the advantage of being half a head taller than him, Qin Yunlian looked down at him with firm eyes. Cough, cough, cough.. Just ran too fast, Zhu Jingxin began to cough again. Zhu Qingqing quickly patted him on the back to help him, "where is the medicine?"? Do you have your medicine? Where is Xiao Nian? Fortunately, Zhu Jingxin only coughed for a while and then stopped. Someone next to him handed over a cup of tea. Zhu Qingqing thanked him and handed it to Zhu Jingxin's mouth. Zhu Jingxin, don't think I dare not hit you because you are from the Zhu family! Liu Xiangya was also startled by Zhu Jingxin's heart-rending cough. After seeing that Zhu Jingxin had nothing to do, he threatened viciously. What's the matter? Do you want to beat people in my Academy? Qin Yunlian took a step forward with a warning in his eyes. You, Qin Yunlian, you dead fat man,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, you. Ah Before Liu Xiangya had finished speaking, Zhu Qingqing broke the water on his face. After the surprise, he stared at Zhu Qingqing angrily and clenched his fist. penghuangbottle.com