You can't judge a man by his appearance

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Original Title: [Technical Dry Goods] Down-the-Hole Drilling and Casing Drilling Technology (I) 1. Overview

"You're talking about Yan Xi?" Leaders have some impressions of Yan Xi, the host's program has just been on the satellite station for a few days, the program has become the first ratings at the same time, online word of mouth is good, which shows that the host has some merits. However, the host has only been in the station for a few months, and his work experience may be somewhat insufficient. "Experience is slowly accumulated," Shen Xingyan did not care, "just her." "Since Miss Shen took a fancy to her, that's her luck." "Dear viewers, today's" Noon News "is here to say goodbye to you. Please continue watching at the same time tomorrow. Goodbye." Yan Xi said goodbye to the audience in front of the camera, turned off the microphone buckled on his collar, and put the manuscripts on the table together. Call it a day. "Hard work." As soon as Yan Xi walked out of the studio, he saw many female colleagues lying on the window, discussing something excitedly outside the window. What are you looking at? Yan Xi approached curiously, but the window had been occupied by everyone, and she could not find a gap at all. Someone outside put a big heart with roses, do not know who to confess, "after we found Yan Xi, squeezed to the side, to move a little space for her, so that she can hang a head to watch the fun.". There are several floors away from the TV station building, separated by tens of meters, the pile of roses still looks like a large pile of area, I do not know how much it costs to put out such an effect. I don't know which rich people come up with this old-fashioned way of spending money. The scene should not be finished, there are countless staff holding flowers in play, Yan Xi looked for a while and felt bored, she turned on her cell phone ready to order takeout: "Little fairies, who hasn't had lunch yet?" "We all ate," Xiao Yang looked enviously downstairs. "To spend so much money and energy to confess to a woman, this man must like this woman very much." "Maybe a woman confesses to a man." Yan Xi picked on the takeaway software for a long time before deciding what to eat. Ah, a man in a suit got out of the luxury car. It's a pity that he can't see his face clearly. "Who is the object of the confession? Why don't you show up?" Lying on the table, Yan Xi listened to the enthusiastic discussion of her colleagues, touched her stomach and waited for the handsome takeaway boy. I don't know if it was because she had done a special program about the takeaway boy, so she was blessed by the takeaway God. Every time she ordered a meal, it would be delivered quickly. After waiting for less than twenty minutes, her order arrived, and before she could start eating, she heard the screams of her colleagues. Ah, heavy duty warehouse rack , look, the balloon is floating. Whose name is written on it? "Where are my glasses? Where are my glasses? I can't read them." "Who has better glasses? Tell me what it says." "Creek, be my girlfriend." Colleagues looked back at Yan Xi, who was buried in eating. This stream was not Teacher Yan, was it? "Don't look at me, I'm not the only one in this building who calls me Xiaoxi." Yan Xi took a sip of his drink. "I don't have such a pompous style around me." Sometimes, people really can not be too iron teeth. When her cell phone rang and a strange number was displayed on the screen, she suddenly had a lot of premonitions in her heart. Picking up the phone, the voice of the Song Dynasty came out. Yan Xi, do you like the rose flower sea I prepared for you? "I'm sorry, do you have a misunderstanding about the sea?" Yan Xi put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a paper towel. "Song Dynasty, what on earth do you want to do?" "I haven't done enough to understand, of course, is to pursue you." Song stood under the TV station building, ignoring the mobile phone shooting around him. "Today's preparation is too hasty. If you think it costs less, I can ask someone to send more tomorrow." Yan Xi stood up and went to the window. Song Dynasty stood at the gate and looked up. He could not see her behind the window, nor could she see Song Dynasty's expression. This is a farce in the name of pursuit, but I don't know who this farce is for? "I don't like the person who sends flowers. Even if you send me a bunch of diamond flowers, I don't like them." Yan Xi laughed out loud. "Mr. Song likes the feeling of attention. I won't bother him." Hung up the phone, Yan Xi sneered and went back to the office to rest. Rich and powerful handsome man courtship, mysterious woman in the strong tenderness offensive, refused to show up, I do not know if it can be on the tabloid headlines? However, Yan Xi still looks down on the netizens' ability to watch the fun. At this moment, someone has already opened the live broadcast platform and shot the background of the courtship handsome man into the camera. By the way, he also gave a panoramic view of the rose bushes, which aroused the curiosity of countless netizens. What kind of goddess can make the handsome man so determined? So many roses on the ground, this is not flowers, but money ah! Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour, the handsome man has been standing in place, and the mysterious goddess has not appeared. Some male netizens began to gloat, so what if they have money? The goddess is not willing to pay attention to the same thing. There are also people who feel that this handsome guy is a little pitiful, a piece of sincerity has been so trampled on, even if the girl who has been confessed does not like him, he should not have been so waiting. But there are also many netizens who think that this kind of behavior belongs to moral kidnapping. No matter how rich this man is, girls don't like him. He made such a big noise in the audience. Have you ever considered the feelings of girls? Listening to more and more comments around, Song Dynasty dialed Yan Xi's cell phone again: "Yan Xi, you are still so ruthless." "When have I ever had feelings for you?" Said Yan Xi breathlessly? Song Dynasty, aren't you afraid of losing face when you make such a big deal? "Shame?" Song Dynasty suddenly laughed out loud, "Yan Xi, tomorrow the news of my pursuit of you will spread throughout the circle, what do you think yuan Yi will think of you?" Yan Xi felt more and more that Song Dynasty's psychology was somewhat distorted. If she and yuan Yi had already been in love with each other, not only would there be conflicts between them, but she would also have the impression of "flirting" in the eyes of others. How could a rich and powerful family like yuan Yi let a "flirting" woman marry into the door.