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Original Title: [Technical Dry Goods] Down-the-Hole Drilling and Casing Drilling Technology (I) 1. Overview

They were surprised, even Zhou Xuan himself was a little surprised, but he knew in his heart that his ability was really true, just now the two big men's wrenches hit hard, at least hundreds of pounds of strength, but after hitting him hard, Zhou Xuan did not feel anything, his body did not feel much impact, and then look at the two big wrenches bent, he could be sure. His own ability, the hardness of the body, in fact, has far exceeded the steel, more than the world's hardest material, said that he is a man of steel, in fact, or belittle. At this time, the two men with pistols were stunned for a moment, then came to their senses, raised their guns and fired at Zhou Xuan without hesitation, but there were no bullets in the pistols and there was no sound. Zhou Xuan immediately stepped forward, unceremoniously one person one punch, hit the two big fellow to fly up and fall on the wall, fell seven dizzy eight plain, climb can not climb up! At this time,Drive in racking system, it seems that the injury is still light, but the two hands were injured by the big fellow, but at this time it is a straight retreat, where dare to approach Zhou Xuan. Zhou Xuan also ignored them, and it was useless to ask them, because the thoughts in their minds had been completely excavated by him, and they were much clearer and more detailed than they had said. Walking inside for more than two hundred meters, Zhou Xuan saw a dozen big men with knives and guns lined up waiting for him. Thirty or forty meters behind them, Roya was hanging on a terrace more than thirty meters high. There were seven or eight people in the office below, all with fierce eyes,Narrow aisle rack, staring at Zhou Xuan. Zhou Xuan could not help but say that he immediately carried the powers to freeze the people who were guarding the organs, but no one found this, because Zhou Xuan's powers were frozen without a trace and without a sound. But in front of him more than a dozen people, Zhou Xuan did not freeze them, because Zhou Xuan wanted to understand how strong his body was, if just even the wrench hit by gravity could not hurt him, and even the wrench was bent, this alloy steel wrench, only with the strength of the machine Chu chuáng can n nòng bend it, only by manpower. There was no way to bend, so Zhou Xuan thought, can he stop a bullet with such a body? For the bullet, Zhou Xuan has always been the fear of Mo Ming, before getting the power, had been transformed to devour once, the bullet impact is too strong, almost killed Zhou Xuan, heavy duty racking system ,radio shuttle racking, and later Zhou Xuan ability is stronger, also dare not to block the bullet, he also knows that with his ability, if you rely on the power transformation to devour bullets, it can only block three to four at most, the impact of the bullet is too strong. Pistol bullets are better, while rifle bullets are more penetrating. Even today, when Zhou Xuan's ability is the strongest, he does not dare to block bullets without scruple. It is estimated that he will be able to convert and devour six or seven bullets. If there are more than five or six bullets fired in a row, or more than seven or eight bullets fired per second, then he will have no way to stop them. But now Zhou Xuan got the guidance of the strange fish, got and practiced mind reading and the body of steel, and after several strong blows, he wanted to really try the bullet attack. The dozen or so people were facing Zhou Xuan, and the long and short guns were spraying sh shè flames together. The bullets were raining down to Zhou Xuan. Zhou Xuan raised his hand to cover his eyes, and then there was a burst of "ping-ping-pong" and "tinkling", which was the sound of the bullets hitting the steel. It was not until the gunfire stopped that they stared at Zhou Xuan with their eyes wide open. It was only then that they realized that Zhou Xuan had no blood on his body except that his clothes were full of bullet holes. What was even more strange was that one or two meters around his body were full of splashed bullets! (To be continued) The first volume of small lotus is beginning to show its sharp corners. Chapter 659 Iron Man. Chapter 659 Iron Man. Zhou Xuan is intact, the body is full of bullets splashed out, that kind of strange situation so that dozens of gangsters are stunned. These dozens of people are members of the New York Red Hair Gang. The New York Gang is world-famous. There are many gangs, which are well organized and cruel. They are also inextricably linked with the government. Because of the interest structure, it is hard to explain. And these people have always been vicious and cruel, killing people without blinking an eye. Although the Red Hair Gang is not one of the top gangs in New York, its influence is not small. It is a medium-sized organization, mainly engaged in drug trafficking and international trafficking of women. Usually killing punishment is extremely fierce, never know what fear is, and dozens of people in the face of a person, if still afraid, that is to lose face home, but at the moment in the face of Zhou Xuan, but was frightened by his ability, one by one dull weak wooden chicken, if not they know that the hands are holding real guns and bullets, thought it was in a science fiction movie, dozens of pistols, 47. The firepower was strong, but when the bullets hit Zhou Xuan, they all bounced back, as if he were wearing thick steel clothes, but if he was wearing that kind of bulletproof vest, then the exposed skin on his face and hands would certainly not be able to avoid the bullet attack, but they could see clearly that Zhou Xuan just stretched out his palm to block his eyes. In order to prevent bullets from hitting his eyes, his hands, forehead, lips, and face were all hit by bullets, but with so many pairs of eyes staring at them, the bullets were obviously bounced a meter or two away, and none of them could enter Zhou Xuan's skin. Zhou Xuan wanted to test the strength of his body, but he was afraid that his eyes would be injured and blinded. His eyes were no better than other places. If he was injured in other places, he could be treated. If his eyes were shot blind, it would be too late to regret. When these gang members were surprised, even Zhou Xuan himself was surprised and happy. This attempt was really extraordinary. The strength of the body was like this. The strength of the eyes was actually the same, because he detected that the molecular structure and density of the eyes were the same. Other parts of the body could withstand that heavy blow, and the eyes were naturally similar. A few of them were frightened, let out a cry, and ran back,Industrial pallet rack, but there were still some fierce, "clatter" who pulled out machetes from the shelf beside the wall, and rushed to Zhou Xuan in a swarm.