Apocalypse of leftover women

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"How can I be ashamed to bother Vice General Manager Xu?" When she spoke,

"How can I be ashamed to bother Vice General Manager Xu?" When she spoke, she was standing at the subway entrance, along the street. In front of her was a wide street with endless traffic. It was the most ordinary street scene in Shanghai. But at this time, she felt that everything was beautiful. When she answered, she smiled slightly, and the corners of her mouth turned up unconsciously. Please trouble me, Director Qian. He hung up the phone with a smile. Feeling very happy, Qian Duoduo put down his cell phone and still kept that smile. Turned to the subway entrance step, side face swept to the street edge, a car slowly pulled over, the door opened where a young woman jumped down at a high speed, and slammed the door. She was not a person of excessive curiosity, but the car stopped behind her, and the knocking on the door was so fierce that she instinctively stopped and looked back. It was this glance that made her smile freeze and move again. Chapter 71 It was a nice car. The back door closed and opened. A man stepped down and grabbed the young woman by the arm. She struggled, he wouldn't let go, and they pulled together in the street. The man is no longer young, frowning, side face familiar, no matter how unclear her line of sight is recognized at a glance, it is Niu Zhensheng. And the young woman's long hair was loose, and her exposed face was like hers. Qian Duoduo stood beside them,Small Geared Motors, her facial features were clearly flashed in front of her eyes, and her face suddenly overlapped with a blurred picture in his memory. Qian Duoduo took a breath, his heart fell, and then all he turned up was upset. The bustling transportation hub, the commercial center, the people watching the scene of bustle formed a small circle in the blink of an eye, and there was a growing trend. Qian Duoduo had been standing within three feet of them, but suddenly he could not see anything clearly. She did not want to see clearly,micro gear motor, let alone let Niu Zhensheng see herself, trying to move back, and finally struggled out of the crowd, turned and took off. When she got off the subway, she felt as if the steps were ending in a long fog in front of her. She couldn't help running as she walked, holding the cold iron bars in her palms. The smooth metal surface that tens of millions of people stroked every day made her feel a little tingling. All along the way, her mind was full of the way the two people had just been entangled. It was not the first time that they had appeared at the same time. The image was linked with a vague glimpse of Hong Kong. Even a fool knew what had happened. What was more terrible was that she had seen the young woman's face, not only in Hong Kong, but now that she thought about it, she had seen her earlier, in Ye Mingshen's carriage. The picture he handed over with a smile. What to do? Twice, Qian Duoduo saw his friend's husband entangled with another woman, who seemed to be the ex-girlfriend of the perfect man she had just given up. He felt that a complicated net was suddenly opened in front of him, crisscrossing and without a clue. Qian Duoduo suddenly felt a splitting headache. What to do? Do you want to tell Yiyi? But the most thankless thing is this kind of role. It's all up to you if the husband and wife don't get along with each other. If the two parents-in-law finally clear up the past, seeing her again is a thorn in my heart. Maybe I can't even be a friend. Then keep silent? Pretend you didn't see anything? Anyway, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,gear reduction motor, it was a mess just now. Niu Zhensheng didn't look at her at all. She ran fast, and he didn't expect to know. But let Yiyi live in the dark like this? If Niu Zhensheng suddenly decided one day that he no longer needed the marriage, would she watch her best friend be killed by surprise and become a wife without any preparation? I can't even figure out what I should do next. Qian Duoduo finally groaned in the bottom of his heart and buried his face in his palm feebly. For the first time in her life, she resisted her best friend's appointment, but no matter how reluctant she was, the subway delivered her to her destination quickly. It was already dinner time. They made an appointment with MMK, a Thai restaurant on the third floor of the mall. When they went upstairs, Qian Duoduo walked so heavily that he could hardly go up the escalator. The entrance of the restaurant was decorated with tropical plants, and the receptionist dressed in traditional Thai costumes came up and sat down with a smile. As usual, Yiyi had already arrived, and when she saw her waving far away, she smiled and looked fine, not as she had heard on the phone before. Still fighting in his mind, Qian Duoduo forced himself to laugh when he sat down. "Duoduo, what's the news recently?" Yiyi is bowing the menu, not the first time to come, Yiyi ordered very quickly, did not hear the money more than the answer, closed the menu and looked at her: "more than?" "Huh?" There is a very small stage in the restaurant, there are two or three Thai women are dancing, ten fingertips long, flashing in the changing light, Qian Duoduo is in a trance, the answer is slow half beat. Yiyi smiled. "What's the matter, Duoduo? Are you tired of sitting as a director?"? I can't even hear you. "No, I'm thinking about what to eat." Qian Duoduo smiled reluctantly. The young lady was delivering the menu. She reached for it and lowered her head to cover up her gaffe by reading it. Eat is curry crab roe pot, stir-fried Chinese kale, as well as Maoxiang chicken rolls, mmk Thai food to do the authentic, these dishes were originally Qian Duoduo's favorite, but this time she did not know the taste of food, but Yiyi talked very much, while spooning the golden curry juice while talking to her, "Duoduo ah, a few days ago Steve's classmates in the management course had a party, I also went." Guess who I met? "Who?" Qian Duoduo answered simply, because he kept his head down all the time, so all he saw in front of him was the movements in Yiyi's hands. In her bowl is the snow-white long and narrow Thai silk seedling rice, the pale blue spoon with the golden sauce falls on it, then is stirred slowly, the curry flavor is rich. Yiyi is a person who is used to idling all the year round. All her movements are lazy. Ten fingers, beautiful food, even if mixed with a meal, people can enjoy it. Unlike her, eating always seems to be in a hurry, looking at a lot of money and distracted. Can such Yiyi withstand the blow? The voice of Yiyi on the opposite side rang again: "Who else, Ye Mingshen?" …………………… Chapter 72 "Ah!"! How did you meet him? Hearing Ye Mingshen's name, Qian Duoduo came to his senses and his tone was confused. He's a professor,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Professor Ye. Yiyi emphasized his tone and then sighed, "Duoduo, he talked to me about you." 。 ichgearmotor.com