Return of the King of Rebirth

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Hands loosely together, Xiaoyun's eyes seem to turn into a galaxy, in a kind of people inside and outside the industry or envy, or praise, or surprise, or jealous eyes, only feel that all the pain in this month has become dust.

Hands loosely together, Xiaoyun's eyes seem to turn into a galaxy, in a kind of people inside and outside the industry or envy, or praise, or surprise, or jealous eyes, only feel that all the pain in this month has become dust. When she went back to the villa and tried every means to change Mr. Zhang's decision to let her enter the "WANG", her cold eyes swept over her. She only felt that the last bit of self-esteem in her body had been obliterated. It seemed that from then on, even human dignity had been sold by her. There was no more humiliating moment than that. She had no courage and no room to resist her financial backer. When she took Leng Yunxi and handed her the contract symbolizing the indenture of sale, she clenched her teeth and wished she could tear up the casual and leisurely face in front of her, but she could only take the contract that locked her future like a ghost with a stiff smile. But at this moment, she just felt happy and wanted to trample the whole world under her feet. Those flashlights, those adulation, the resentment, jealousy and embarrassment that flashed through the eyes of those actresses, the obsession in the eyes of those fans, like the most powerful poppy, let her step on the sky, soaring, like heaven and man. Why hasn't Grantham shown up yet? On the red carpet,polyfoil tube, Xiao Yun, who had murdered almost all the media films, walked slowly past, leaving a hubbub. The staff quickly came forward with a friendly and modest smile on their faces: "I'm sorry, due to special reasons, the count has returned to Europe, so he can't attend the premiere of the film today." "What the hell!" Dissatisfaction immediately spread throughout the cinema. Almost half of the people come for the purpose of this special status of the hero, imagine,pump tube, the top noble birth, hereditary title, evil appearance, such a man, not only in the film, live in real life, is the main reason for everyone to pay attention to the film. And now they're saying that the hero can't show up? Are you kidding me! The noise is getting louder and louder, not only the media people, but also the fans burst into a burst of boos. Compared with actresses with outstanding acting skills, the heroine of this film is attractive because her "screen lover" is one of the top ten single nobles in the world. Otherwise, it's just an ordinary idol drama. Why should they squeeze red envelopes to see a woman show off her happiness? Xiao Yun's footsteps flashed a red on her face. I didn't know whether I was angry or anxious. Turning to look at Mr. Zhang, he saw that his attitude had not changed at all, and even his footsteps were still slow. He felt that the scene around him had gradually begun to lose control, and her heart had been completely hung up. He clenched his hands tightly, empty lotion tubes ,cosmetic tube packaging, remembering that two hours ago, when he was suddenly told that the leading actor would be absent from tonight's premiere, he was still as if nothing had happened. Sure enough, it's still too naive. In Hong Kong's entertainment circle, there is never a shortage of beautiful women. No matter how beautiful she is, compared with Grantham, who has a glittering background, she is just a prop, a passer-by who can be replaced by countless fans in their hearts! The staff in charge of security at the scene have come out hand in hand to maintain order. The faces of several investors are not good. In the end, they are worried about Mr. Zhang. No one says bad words. But the way everyone glanced at her was completely the opposite of the scene ten minutes ago. Despise, despise, despise. Look, you can't even stand up to a fart of the leading actor. What do you want to do. Make a fool of yourself! It's just a pair of broken shoes that Mr. Zhang is wearing. He can't even make a vase! The smile on Xiaoyun's lips was completely stiff, her body was red, and even her veins exploded. She was almost caught by the camera, but before she lost control, she heard a very slight laugh behind her. Then there was a sound of breathing backwards. All around, it seems to suddenly become very quiet. Heart, miss a beat. Xiao Yun looked back in a daze, facing a pair of quiet pupils who could not see the depth clearly. Sure enough.. She closed her eyes with anger and self-mockery. Without Grantham, with Leng Yunxi's lively color and fragrance, plus the crown of Beijing beside her, who can take care of the leading actor until he is not present? The bright light was almost overwhelming to the two people who came one after the other. This pair, like immortals coming down from the sky, delicate to the extreme facial features make people almost lose their cool, can only be in a daze, forget themselves. Layers of sky-blue skirts, like an arc on the sky, are breathtakingly beautiful. The beauty chuckled and nodded slightly to the camera, and countless curious fans were almost crazy, completely absorbed by this shocking beauty, thinking that such a woman could also act in a movie? I didn't see this number one in the propaganda film. Could it be said that this is the heroine of the grand finale? For a moment, everyone's eyes were almost focused on this young man and woman. Although there is no count that is full of exotic sentiment, but the man who protects the beauty also occupies the world elegance. Dark eyes slowly rotating out of a strong color, seems to be high above, and seems to be within reach. Such a pair of delicate characters, standing on the red carpet, look indifferent, but with the essence of the sky, people only feel that the eyes are not enough. Jesus, WANG! She's a WANG! CRIS's official MUSE! The cover girl of FASHION! A cry of surprise suddenly interrupted the amazing charm of the crowd, and a fashionably dressed girl pointed her hand at the eye-catching girl on the red carpet and shouted excitedly. As a result, more and more journalists are crazy. The real girlfriend of Grantham in real life actually appeared at the premiere of the film "Sky Alliance"? Can it be said that the heroine exposed in the propaganda film is really just a smoke bomb, and the real protagonist is actually.. Countless microphones were handed over, but before they reached the edge of Yunxi,aluminium laminated tube, they were already isolated by security guards. A sky-blue woman seemed to smile softly, full of youth, the whole audience could not help but be quiet.