Chinese legend

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For some reason he just felt that he should go to the village to find something to eat. He was hiding behind a fence in a village path when he saw a pretty girl passing by.

For some reason he just felt that he should go to the village to find something to eat. He was hiding behind a fence in a village path when he saw a pretty girl passing by. He thought to himself, I have always heard that Fuzhou girls have white and thin skin and small and exquisite posture. Now a look, really good. As soon as he moved to go over, the girl exclaimed and ran for her life. He could not help but wonder: "Others treat you as an enemy, what is the end of this day?"? She's so beautiful, I won't eat her. If I can find the pig, I'll eat the pig. At the thought of the fat pig and the little sheep, his mouth was full of greed, but he felt too ashamed, but his stomach was so hungry that he could not bear it. He knew he had to eat something, or he would starve to death. He looked for pigs, calves, and even chickens in the village, but the sheds and chicken nests were strictly forbidden to enter, and every house was closed. So he crouched in a dark lane, waiting for the lost animals to leave, when he heard someone in the house saying that there was a tiger in the village. Unable to relieve his hunger, he went back to the mountain,metal cosmetic tubes, lurking and waiting for the night traveler. He waited all night, but nothing happened. He took a nap unconsciously. The day is about to dawn, wake up, a few pedestrians are walking along the mountain path. He saw a man coming from the city and stopped passers-by to ask if they had seen Master Zheng Jiu, who was scheduled to return to his post that day. The man was obviously a yamen official who had been ordered to take over from his superiors. I don't know what the voice is telling him! He must eat Zheng Jiu, why must eat Zheng Jiu,eye cream packing tube, he did not know, only felt that Zheng Jiu was destined to teach him to eat. When I got up, Uncle Zheng had just got up. I think he will come later. He heard a man say. 'Is He alone? Is there someone accompanying you? Tell me what he's wearing so I can recognize him. Otherwise, the greeting is wrong, which is not good. 'There Were three of them, and he was the one dressed in dark green. ' The tiger hid and listened to them as if they had spoken to him on purpose. He had never seen Zheng Jiu, nor had he heard his voice. So he fell in the jungle, waiting for Zheng Jiu to come and have a good meal. Soon he saw Zheng Jiu coming with his secretary and some other passers-by. Zheng Jiu is very fat, with a lot of pulp and liquid. It's really delicious. As soon as he approached, the strong tiger scurried out, threw Zheng Jiu down, picked him up in one mouth, and jumped into the mountains. Everyone else ran for their lives in fear. When Zhang Feng was full and satisfied with his hunger, plastic laminted tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, he felt that he had eaten more than usual for breakfast. He ate the high official, leaving only some bones and hair. The meal was very satisfying, so he lay down and took a nap. When he woke up, he felt that it was crazy to eat a person who had no enmity with him for no reason. His mind cleared, and he thought that it was not easy to go through the night to catch food. He remembered that last night he was forced by hunger to walk around the village and the mountains, and he could not help it. Why don't you go back to that meadow. See if you can be human again? '. He saw the clothes and the stick still leaning against the tree. He lay down and hoped to wake up as a man. He rolled on the grass and saw that he had become a man again. Of course he was very happy, but he was puzzled by his adventure. He put on his robe, took up his staff, and went back to the city. When I got back to the hotel, I realized that he had just left the hotel for a whole day. 'Where Is it, my Lord? ' The servant asked him. 'The Little man has been out looking for you all day. ' The shopkeeper Dong also came to greet him and was relieved to see him come back. "We are very worried," said the shopkeeper. "There is a tiger outside. A girl saw it last night. This morning, Lord Zheng Jiu was eaten by a tiger. Zhang Feng made up a string of lies, saying that he talked about Zen with the old monk and spent the night in the temple. 'Good Luck! ' Shouted the shopkeeper, shaking his head. 'Lord Zheng was eaten by a tiger near that temple. ' 'Nothing, the tiger won't eat me. ' 'Why Not? ' He can't eat me. Zhang Feng said vaguely. Zhang Feng has always kept this matter a secret, and there is really no way to tell that he has eaten a person. When people hear this, at least they feel uneasy. He returned to his hometown in Henan. A few years passed in a twinkling. One day, he lived in Huaiyang. A friend invited him to dinner. When the wine was hot, the host asked the guests to tell an adventure. If the story is ordinary and boring, a large glass of wine will be fined. Zhang Feng began to talk about his adventures, and there happened to be Zheng Jiu's son in the seat. The more Zhang Feng went on, the angrier Zheng Jiu's son became. 'Then You have hurt my father! ' Zheng Jiu's son shouted, his eyes were round, and the purple veins on his temples were exposed. Zhang Feng hurriedly got up to apologize. I know this time is a big disaster. 'I'm Sorry, I didn't know it was your father. ' Zheng Jiu's son pulled out a sharp knife with a whoosh and threw it at Zhang Feng. Fortunately, he missed the shot and fell to the ground with a clang. Zheng Jiu's son rushed to Zhang Feng, but if he hadn't been stopped by the crowd in the chaos, he almost threw himself on Zhang Feng. "I will kill you to avenge my father, and I will not let you go to the sky." Zheng Jiu's son shouted loudly. Friends advised Zhang Feng to leave immediately and escape first, and advised Zheng Jiu's son to teach him to calm down first and avenge his father, but Zhang Feng was a tiger when he ate Zheng Jiu. People don't want to see people die. Such a thing is an unprecedented miracle, and it is difficult to say whether revenge is appropriate under such circumstances. Zheng Jiu's son still vowed to avenge his father to comfort his dead father's soul in heaven. Finally, the friends told the local garrison to order Zheng Jiu's son to return to the south of the Huaihe River and not to cross the river to the north bank. Zhang Feng changed his name and went to the northwest, far away from his implacable enemies. When Zheng Jiu's son came home, his friends told him, "We are very much in favor of your determination to avenge your father.". As a son, it should be so. But when Zhang Feng ate your father, he was a tiger himself, and there was nothing he could do. He didn't know your father,cosmetic tube, and he didn't have any prejudice. He had to kill your father. This kind of thing is unprecedented, and there is no intention of murder. If you killed him, you would be premeditated murder. Zheng Jiu's son respected this opinion so much that he stopped tracking Zhang Feng. Engagement shop.