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Shi Yanan waved his hand, "Forget it, Lao Gu's heart is more careful than mine. He dares to throw Dawei at home.

Shi Yanan waved his hand, "Forget it, Lao Gu's heart is more careful than mine. He dares to throw Dawei at home. Everything must be arranged. Let's prepare for the sudden attack of Governor Zhao!" With these words, he dialed Guggenson's cell phone. Moments later, the phone was connected. Shi Yanan asked, "Lao Gu, what are you busy with now?"? Where is it? Guggenson openly lied and said, "Look at what you asked, where can it be?"? Read with your son at home! Shi Yanan laughed, "Well, well, then you turn off your cell phone and call me back at home right away!" Gu Gensheng couldn't hide it any more. "If you have something to say, I'm having morning tea with a friend from other places outside!" Shi Yanan asks: "Hey, what friend?"? Boyfriend or girlfriend? You're not a secretary, are you? Gugen was angry, "Don't worry about it, it's work anyway, even if it's a girlfriend, it doesn't involve love!" "All right, Old Gu," said Shi Yanan with a smile, "don't go around for me! I know you are working! You didn't have morning tea outside, but in the car, a tourist minibus, the license plate number is Han A- 23219, right? Gu Gensheng did not make a sound for a long time,Nail machine manufacturer, and then his voice dropped an octave, "Hey, why do you know everything?" Shi Yanan laughed at himself and said, "Nonsense. If I don't even know where the leader is, how can I follow the leader closely?" And very understanding to say, "I know your difficulties, perhaps Governor Zhao is beside you, I do not embarrass you, you listen quietly is, do not want you to say anything more,Iron Nail Making Machine, as long as a short answer, yes or no!" Gu Gensheng's voice is still very small, "good, good, you say, you say quickly!" Shi Yanan asked, "Is Wenshan the first target of your surprise attack?" Gu Gensheng answered in a whisper, "No, I'm going to Yinshan first. The farmers in Yinshan have just made trouble." Shi Yanan asked again, "Governor Zhao took you with him. Are you secretly investigating the steel project in Wenshan?" Gu Gensheng is brief: "Be, you and just be careful is, the style of this leader you know!" Shi Yanan finally asked, "Has Governor Zhao caught something on us?"? Tell the truth! Gu Gensheng's voice was even lower, "It may be necessary to investigate two group visits triggered by land expropriation. Well, that's it!" That's the only way. Comrade Gu Gensheng can say that to this extent is quite interesting. Putting down the phone, Shi Yanan said to Fang Zhenggang: "The situation is clear. Governor Zhao really has a clue this time. It seems that we may be confused by the following. There are at least two visits to the provincial group for land acquisition and demolition in the new industrial zone!" Fangzheng just smiled bitterly, "Well, well, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, I blew up again, so I stretched out my head and let Governor Zhao play it!" But Shi Yanan said, "Let's try to take the initiative. Fortunately, they'll go to Yinshan first. It's not too late to make up for it." Fangzheng just got up and left, "Well, I'll go to the new district right away and find the clues of these two group visits first." He complained with displeasure, "It's ***ing ridiculous. We didn't grasp the clues, but Governor Zhao grasped them first!" Shi Yanan confessed again, "Hey, Zhenggang, don't talk nonsense outside!"! Why didn't we grasp it? I've mastered it, and I've handled it! Remember, find a clue and deal with it immediately, don't discuss it with me! Fangzheng just turned around at the door, "Well, well, Secretary Shi, you also keep in touch with your old family!" Does this kind of thing need to be reminded by Fang Zhenggang? At times like this, of course, she has to keep in touch with Guggenson. Strangely, just after Fangzheng left, Gugensheng's mobile phone was turned off. This bastard husband knows how to cherish feathers. Fortunately, the basic situation is roughly clear. Since Zhao Anbang wants to go to Yinshan first, he can't get to Wenshan in at least two days. With these two days to prepare, the problems on the skin should be able to hide the past. He also thought that Yinshan and Zhang Guichun might really have bad luck. Ten of their silicon steel projects can't be launched. The province has no right to approve the acquisition of 2,500 mu of land. They learned from Wenshan and reported it to the Provincial Department of Land and Resources for approval. Now they have only approved 600 mu. Maybe they will be exposed. Wenshan is not afraid, the action is faster, more than six thousand acres of land have been dismantled and approved. So, in the face of a sudden attack, Shi Yanan did not mess up, still unhurriedly according to the original plan to take two orphans with her to visit the city museum. From two sensible orphans, I thought of my son Gu Dawei. Before the visit, I called home in the provincial capital again, explained my son's daily life, and asked him with little hope if he would go to Wenshan for a reunion? The son's answer is very simple, "NO!"! I'm used to living without my parents! After putting down the phone, Shi Yanan couldn't help feeling sad. My Hero 18 (1) Gu Gensheng never thought Zhao Anbang would confiscate his mobile phone. It happened suddenly. Not long after the conversation with his wife Shi Yanan ended, Zhao Anbang, who was sitting in the front seat, somehow remembered him. He turned around, looked around, waved to him and said: "Dagu, come here, come here, sit here. I'll tell you something!" At this time, their Han A-a 23219 tourist minibus was speeding northward at a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour along the provincial Jin Expressway, and had already left the provincial capital in a trance. When Gu Gensheng was summoned to Zhao Anbang, he felt a little bad and worried that Zhao Anbang had discovered that he had tipped off Shi Yanan. Can think nervously, and feel unlikely, he answered Shi Yanan this phone when no one noticed the car, and he sat in the last row. Gu Gensheng sat down beside Zhao Anbang and asked with a smile, "Governor Zhao, what instructions do you have?" Zhao Anbang is also laughing, "where do I get so many instructions to chat with you!"! Dagu, have you forgotten the confidentiality requirement? Gu Gensheng was startled. How could this be a chat? Interrogate the suspect?! But laughed more and more freely, "Governor Zhao, look at what you said, you personally set the discipline,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, we dare to forget?"? I didn't forget, I didn't forget, really! 。 3shardware.com