How To Setup The Apple Router In Bridge Mode?

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we will discuss how to set Airport extreme in bridge mode because without that, it will not be able to extend the network to non Apple routers.

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed brands in the market. They manufacture variety of products including routers. Apple routers are generally referred to as Apple Airport. They are high quality device which provides great internet connectivity and an error free experience. Users should note that it is not necessary that the routers are compatible with only other Apple products. You can install the Wi-Fi at home or for an office setup and connect it with any device. Airport Extreme is an Apple router which you can use as a third party base stations. You can use the Airport Extreme with any type of router to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. Without a doubt it is one of the reliable routers in the market. In this blog, we will discuss how to set Airport extreme in bridge mode because without that, it will not be able to extend the network to non Apple routers. Enabling this feature will turn off the internet routing portion of the routers leaving other features intact. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Steps to enable Bridge mode in Airport extreme:

  • Create the name and password for your wireless network.
  • Then, go to the top of the screen and select the Airport utility icon.
  • Now, click on the wireless option.
  • Then, select the base station tab.
  • You would be required to create a new username and password for the base station tab.
  • You can connect the printer or any other device by clicking on the printer icon.
  • Now, click on the update icon and then restart the base station.
  • After the router is rebooted, you can configure the settings of the router.
  • Connect your devices and check the bridge connection.

One of the issues that users face commonly is Airport not foundIn order to fix the problem, unplug your device and then wait for a few seconds to plug it back. Then, connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Thereafter go to the Airport utility to configure it again.

The small LED lights in the Wi-Fi or any electronic devices are very helpful because they indicate about the condition of your devices. The following are the reasons for Airport extreme yellow lightIf you have not lost the internet connection the blinking yellow light can indicate a firmware update is available to install on the airport hardware or it can mean that a airport base station has been Reset. First, remove the power adapter and then connect it to the electrical outlet while holding the reset button for about ten seconds. Now, you can configure the settings and save them.

In order to download the Airport Utility for windows, first go to Airport utility download page. Then, click on Airport windows to download it. Click on the download option. Then, click on Airportsetup.exe. Select the next option. Move on to accepting the terms and conditions of downloading the Airport utility. Click on next and install the application in your device. Thereafter, click on finish to complete the process.