Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency: Best for Brands in India

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There have emerged many advertising agencies that offer you advertising services. Yescom Media is one such auto advertising agency that provides services in Patna and some prominent cities in India.

Auto rickshaw Advertising is one of the most conventional and pocket-friendly techniques for raising awareness about a brand. It is a kind of transit media advertising where brands' flex posters are placed on the entire auto rickshaw or the side hood. As the auto rickshaw goes to almost every corner of the city, your brand also reaches every corner.

Moreover, the auto-rickshaw is one of the cheapest modes of transportation. As it is used by all groups of people, from teenagers to the elderly and middle-class to poor people, the chances of influencing people about your brand increases. Additionally, the cost of advertising through an auto-rickshaw is also very economical. This is why the trend of auto branding has maintained its consistency even in the age of social media advertising.

Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Vast Outreach

The auto-rickshaw is one of the most prominent modes of transportation. Millions of auto rickshaws run in India, across towns and cities, enabling access to a large number of audiences. A vast customer base and wide reachability make auto rickshaws a perfect option for advertising your brand.

High Level of Visibility

The auto-rickshaw presents an expansive space to place brand posters. The substantial area makes the visibility high. Moreover, the auto advertising agency uses different techniques to make the advertisement stand out. They use techniques like colour contrast, different font sizes, pictorial representation, etc., to make the posters visible to everyone, even from a distance.

Visibility also increases the readability of the advertisement. As auto rickshaws are located everywhere, the advertisement can reach many literate citizens.

Cost-effective Method

Compared to other advertisement techniques, auto-rickshaw advertising is one of the cheapest methods of raising awareness about your brand. The auto-rickshaw advertising agency offers its services at an economical cost. This feature adds a star to the demand for auto rickshaw advertising.

Advertising Method One Can't be Skip

Television, YouTube, and social media advertisements can be skipped, but most people can't escape the auto rickshaw ads. The more you travel, the more you come into contact with the same advertisement every time. It enhances the compulsion of the audience to think about a particular brand and attracts them toward it.

Diversity of Options

Auto rickshaw advertising offers diverse options for promoting your brand. You can place the poster on the driver's seat, rain cover, hood, or backside or set the ad on the entire vehicle. Two primary options available are external branding and internal branding. The option of customising according to your preferences is also available.

Compatibility Across Industries

Auto rickshaw advertising works for all types of businesses. Whether it is an advertisement about a new restaurant or a new supermarket in the city, you can easily advertise your product through an auto rickshaw. It is highly compatible and approachable.

High Durability of Posters

Advertising using an auto rickshaw is very durable. It is like a one-time investment. Once you place your poster over the auto, it goes for the long run, making your brand more influential. Internal auto branding has more durability than external auto branding.


Lastly, the auto-rickshaw is a highly efficient public transportation mode. Awareness of a sustainable environment has raised the demand for public transport. It makes the auto-rickshaw advertisement more approachable and, hence, effective.


Why Yescom Media is Your Go-to Auto Advertising Agency

Yescom Media has emerged as one of the best advertising agencies owing to its mind-blowing services. It serves a huge number of businesses and brands across significant locations in India. You can pick from its wide range of services like Hoarding advertising Agency, LED van advertising service, auto-rickshaw advertising service, wall painting, digital marketing, and so on.

The following features make Yescom Media the best auto advertising agency in India.

 A Dedicated Team

The auto advertising agency has a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals. Teamwork and brainstorming sessions bring out creativity and the best output in the advertising market. The team members include designers, branding professionals, creators, etc.

Best-suited Strategy

Yescom media serves your demands and needs. The preference of the customer is the priority. Furthermore, you can opt to customise your advertisement as per your needs.

Following things are kept in mind while planning a strategy for advertisement.


  • A high level of creativity is maintained to make the advertisement look attractive.


  • The size of the advertisement is well thought out.


  • The geographical area to be covered is considered.


  • The number of Auto rickshaws to be used is noted.

Cost-effective Services

This is one of the finest characteristics of this Yescom Media. It offers you services at a low cost to let you save more. Many factors, such as the type of poster and geographical area, determine the price of an advertisement.

Yescom Media is a very easily accessible advertising agency, offering LED van advertising service, hoarding advertising service,bus advertising service, auto advertising service and more. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements at +91 9608-600-266 or visit their website to learn more about their service offerings.

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