Explore all the types of Crystal Egg

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Crystal Egg [Official Website] Which of the 20 elements symbolizes you? 《Precise fortune-telling of the East and the West》Birthday and fate and turning point

What will you answer if I ask you the question- What is the origin of our existence? Well! Hold on for a second and think about it. 

Did you get the answer? Your answers can be different according to your knowledge and perspective, but many people believe that our existence begins with an 水晶玉子

So! Today, a bottle of soda is about to explode, jokes apart. There is no bottle of soda but what that meant is- We are going to explore a riveting topic –Crystal Egg. We will get to know what it is and will explore all of its types. Are you excited to know? Follow me further.

Learn more about Crystal Egg

A crystal egg is an egg-shaped metal or crystal which is known as an auspicious symbol for a new beginning and new things. As we’ve discussed in the get-go of this write-up the Egg is responsible for the origin of our existence and this is why the crystal egg is associated with the new enchantment creation.

I hope, now you get why I’ve raised the question about existence in the intro part. So let me be precise about it.

You should use these auspicious eggs if you've been looking at future possibilities or if you want to enhance the amount of magic and healing in your life using the crystal eggs. They are also excellent for sleep pacing and meditation. The egg form often aids in striking a balance between leisure and work. 

There are so many crystal eggs available in the world for their specific auspiciousness, so explore all of them further.

Let me introduce the different sorts of Crystal egg 

  • Amethyst Egg: The dazzling appearance of the Amethyst egg which is pale lavender in colour will shine the glow of your eyes. It will help you by removing your everyday anxiousness and will wipe out all the negativity in your body, soul, emotions and mind. 
  • Quartz Egg: Either you want to enhance your spiritual consciousness or want to give a boost to your mindfulness, memory and intelligence, you can simply go for Quartz egg.
  • Citrine Egg: Its yellowish colour attract people’s attention as well as it is associated with good luck, wealth and abundance in your life. 
  • Clear Quartz Egg: Clear quartz eggs may absorb, retain, release, and regulate energy in addition to having stress-relieving effects on your thoughts and emotions. Spiritual development, consciousness, and wisdom, all are associated with Quartz. It boosts creativity and inventiveness. 
  • Celestite Egg: Due to its connection to celestial beings, celestite is associated with spiritual healing and cosmology spiritual energy. Additionally, celestite promotes discernment and spiritual awareness.
  • Calcite Egg: It has subtypes, one of them is the blue Calcite egg which is able to provide peace and tranquillity in your home. It has divine benefits with the experience of symphonic existence. Overall it is a must-have crystal egg.
  • Agate Egg: This egg will help you in healing from any disease, stress, depression or anxiety as well it is also well-known for balancing your energy and for preventing you from nightmares.

Sum up!

There are so many auspicious crystal eggs available which are able to fill your life with power and energy, they can help you with emotional healing, can calm your mind because of their meditation and calming properties and can uplift your spiritual aspects. 

The benefits of this auspicious egg are not limited here, you will get to know a lot more about it after owning it. So, pick up the one you prefer and enhance your life enchantment.