Apple's slow-burning sci-fi epic, thinks big and looks good.

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Isaac Asimov's novels come to Apple TV Plus


It's a great time for a slot high-level fantasy classic that you haven't read yet. (Or maybe you've been confused about your favorite book coming to the screen.) Denis Villeneuve's critically acclaimed Dune movie is in theaters, and on HBO Max Oct. 22, Brave New World is out. arrived; and the wheel of time has yet to come But before that, Apple TV Plus brought Isaac Asimov's solid Foundation story to the small screen.

Starring Lee Pace and Jared Harris, this shiny sci-fi epic barely moves at the speed of light. This means you may have to give it a chance over the first two episodes that stream September 25 on Apple TV Plus, followed by a new installment every Friday through the season 10 episode ending November 17.
It began as a series of short stories in 1942 and has expanded to feature novels, prequels,

and lengthy sequels. The Foundation is a story about a vast universe, of course. This is followed by an on-screen narration that tells you the names of three planets in just the first eight minutes. Rewind 35 years, go back 400 years, go back 17 years. audience interest and the story is presented in a confusing manner. The foundation is full of interesting things and big ideas.

but can be presented in a more accessible form Don't worry: If you can manage the millions of Houses for Game of Thrones, you can handle it, and Foundation launched with zoomed Landspeeder photos, so Star Wars-esque definitely had to be intentional. This seems to say: You're watching a space drama. you got this