Riot will detect Valorant smurf to ensure fair play

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Valorant smurf Accounts are compromising the fairness and integrity of competition when taking on lower ranked accounts

Valorant smurf Accounts are compromising the fairness and integrity of competition when taking on lower ranked accounts, and Riot Games is taking steps to reduce the number of smurf accounts by adjusting the MMR of the smurf account detection system.

This approach seems to work. It is very unfriendly to those players who win the game by cheating, but it guarantees the fairness of the game, and most players support it. Smurf volumes are down 17% compared to earlier this year, and new Valorant Accounts For Sale are reaching the correct MMR two to three times faster.

Riot is improving smurf detection in Valorant

With automatic smurf detection, Riot uses data to place smurf accounts in the correct MMR as quickly as possible, cleaning up the playing field and giving more players a fair chance to play. To test the system, the team tested it in North America in patch 5.01 to check that it could accurately identify smurf and raise its MMR as close as possible to their main account.

It starts by measuring the incidence of unbalanced games, or stomps, in which a team wins eight or more rounds. Before these changes, the Smurfs trampled their opponents 32 percent of the time or a third of their games.

One set of data shows 50% of the detected Smurfs and the other 50% as a control group. In the test group, the Smurfs ended up within 1% of Riot's target trampling rate, while the control group still trampled 25% of the time.

The test was conducted on a global scale for the last time, and the team saw similar improvements again. The system was so effective that the Smurfs were placed in their actual MMR in just four games. On the other hand, even after playing 10 games, the control group's smurf was still about three notches away from their correct MMR.

Riot is looking to make sure no Smurfs slip away, beefing up the methods it uses to identify smurfs, and trying to make more aggressive MMR tweaks to get smurfs into the correct rank faster.

Beyond that, the developers focused on addressing the reasons why players create smurf accounts. Players want to team up with friends of different levels, which is what Riot made possible in patch 3.10 with 5-stacks regardless of level differences.

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