How to earn more Gold in New World?

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Why Farm Gold in New World?

In the New World adventure, most items can be crafted by collecting materials, improving territorial status, and reducing tax expenses. However, rare and expensive materials are capable of crafting all end-game gear, and as you level up, players will need a more powerful gear to maximize your various crafting skills, and you'll need more and more Gold Seconds.

New World Gold is a very important economic support, and players can meet the Gold demand in various ways. Players need to constantly create new endgame equipment, and upgrading equipment will become more frequent than before. So we had to find a better way to get more New World Gold.

How to Farm New World Gold?

If players have enough time, they can obtain New World Gold through tasks, competitions, participating in activities and other ways. You can also exchange for Gold by selling idle materials and items.

Collect raw materials

You can go out and spend your time farming resources to sell to other players. Choose the resource of your choice, maximize the gathering skill of your choice, the most efficient way to farm resources. What players need/want will vary based on time and server, current patch, etc.

Crafting End-Game Gear

Focus on building the best end-game gear so you can maximize your profits. This means getting your relevant crafting skills up to level 200. But that's not enough.

Focus on the highest end game gear with the best score/abilities. This means you specialize in weaponsmithing, armoring, and jewel crafting. Of course, you'll want to maximize the relevant crafting skills, but there's more to it.

To get the best items, and get them consistently, you will need a fifth tier material and follow these general steps:

For Armoring and Weaponsmithing, you need three Major Armoring Crafting Trophies and three Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophies, respectively.
Next, you want to wear a full set of crafting armor for the given crafting skill you are using (i.e. a suit of armor that maximizes your armoring, weaponsmithing, or jewelcrafting perks).
Then you want to consume food that gives you relevant crafting bonuses.
Finally, you will need craft mods to guarantee the perks you want on your item, and timeless shards to guarantee the stat bonuses you want on your item.

Crafting late game gear is obviously more resource intensive than gathering and refining methods, but it's an investment. Once you have the proper setup, you can craft the best weapons and armor and start making large amounts of Gold in the new world.

Farm Legendary Item

The late game areas Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains, and Ebonscale Reach are home to elite bosses from level 62 to 66. Below is a list of Bosses you can find in Ebonscale Reach:

Corrupted Ravager Silas. Elite Boss in Serenity Outpost
Gnasher. Elite Boss in Serenity Monastery
Penny. Elite Boss in Stormcourt Shipment
Jackson. Elite Boss in Stormcourt Shipment
Daisy the Dancing Bear. Elite Boss in Imperial Palace
Red Claw. Elite Boss in Euphorcea
Mighty Tusk. Elite Boss

These bosses drop legendary items that can be sold for huge profits. However, these items are very rare, so you'll have to fight these bosses quite often. Also, this is not separate content. These enemies require teaming up with other players. But if raiding is your thing, then this is the farming method for you.

Farm Faction Item

The main benefit of increasing your faction reputation--fun quests, titles, and bragging rights--is your access to faction-specific gear that can be purchased from faction representatives. Some of the most sought-after faction items are holding runes. These items are required for crafting bags and storage chests, so they are well worth acquiring.

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