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Want to study in the US from India? We will make the dream of every Indian student studying in the United States come true, higher education in the United States is the dream of many Indian students. Study In USA is home to the largest number of foreign students in the world. Many Indian students choose to study in the United States for a variety of reasons, including quality education, creative planning, a multicultural environment, and plenty of opportunities. One who is often regarded as the leader of the independent world can find many top universities abroad for Indian students and educational institutions in the United States that offer globally recognized degrees.


Why study in the United States?

Choosing a country to study miles from home is a dream for some and a lifetime investment for many. In this context, the USA has for many years been the preferred destination for higher education among applicants around the world. U.S. According to News World, out of 100 global universities, about 48 are top universities in the United States.

To find out what made America so popular among students, we will discuss in detail the benefits of studying in the United States.


Top Universities: The United States boasts of a lion's share of some of the world's top universities for higher education around the world. Times Higher Education ranks 15 American universities in its top 20 universities. MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Caltech are the top 4 universities in the world according to the QS World Rankings.

Flexible education system: The credit transfer system allows for greater flexibility in the US education system. Students at the undergraduate level are encouraged to explore different domains and choose a key location of their choice by the end of the second year. Providing a range of regular and unusual majors and minors for the flexibility of choosing which classes, when and how many classes to attend each semester, creates a highly reinforcing system that allows each individual to grow and adjust to their strengths and weaknesses.

Diversified courses: The country offers over 2 million programs through 4- and 2-year institutes, and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, among others, including doctoral, vocational, affiliate, and certificate courses.

STEM OPT: The United States offers 'STEM Eligible' degrees, which allow international applicants to pursue practical training after completing their degree, beyond the standard allowance of one year and a guaranteed two-year stay in the country. Students can simultaneously work in a US-based company. Explore STEM courses in the United States

Research and Discovery: The United States is a leader in research and development in the world. According to the NSF, the total amount spent on university research and innovation was $ 22 billion annually (2015).

Employment Opportunities: After graduation, 62% of international students find employment in the United States. The average salary range after a four-year degree in the United States is approximately 61,000 to 1, 20,700 USD in the middle of a career.